Foundation for Inclusive Religious Education

2023 Wall of Flame

$5,000 Torch



$3,500 Flame

$2,500 Flame


$2,000 Ignitor 


Gina & Jody Sitzmann
Jim & Bev Wharton
Dr. Jeff & Abby Howenstein
Regina Roth
Saul & Beth Gomez
Bob & Nancy Nelson

Fire Starter

 Dr. Ryan & Tracy Meis
Tom & Amie Carroll
John & Karen Gleeson

Fire Starter

Timm & Jean Funk
Drs. Jada & Joe Kurth
Nic & Michelle Nelson
Lumin Therapy
Amy Derby & Lumpy Nelson
Julia Goth-Avery
Dr. John & Julie Flanery
Doug & Marti LaFleur
Dr. Benjamin Uhl & Sarah Murray
Royce & Kathy Ranniger
Mary White
Jerry Dziurawiec
Dave & Jane Schroeder
Rob & Roz Koob
Mary & John Hanno
Dr. Mindy & John Stevens
Jay Hauck
Matt & Cari Lawler
Angela & Craig Nemechek
Brad & Jean Moore
Karen Fry
Ken & Janie Beaulieu
Terry O’Gorman
Randy & Pam Kramer
Dave & Beth Grigsby
Jim & Sherri Rossiter
Dr. Mark & Renee DeMay (Dermatology Associates of Siouxland)


Todd McGregor
Ryan & Anna Schaffer
Brad & Amy Munchrath
Athena Ladeas
Mimi Wieck (The Go2Gal)
Tim & Paula Tott

Fire Foundation

of Northwest Iowa

We’re on a mission to provide children with special needs the opportunity for inclusive education in the Catholic schools they attend in the Northwest region of Iowa.

Why we're on this mission

Check out this 2017 FIRE Video HERE of a little boy headed off to Kindergarten with his brothers.