Grant Eligibility Criteria:

The following criteria must be satisfied prior to application for a school to be eligible for a grant:

● The School is a diocesan school within the boundaries of the Diocese of Sioux City.
● The School is accepting student(s) who would not be able to attend without additional educational support.
● The School has a degreed Special Education teacher on staff OR the Diocesan School Office can validate the existence of appropriate educational support for the student(s).
● In the second year of application and beyond, the school applying may need to schedule a site visit and be open to hosting visitors to witness inclusive education in action. Contact your FIRE representative to initiate this process.

Items Funded:

● Assistance for salaries of Para Educators or Special Education teachers
● Staff Development on Inclusive Education
● Materials, Resources, Equipment, Technology and Training Application

Review Process:

The annual grant application must satisfy the grant eligibility criteria for the application to be considered. Eligible applicants will be invited to discuss their application in person with the Grant Committee in February. Appointments will be scheduled through the FIRE office upon receipt of the Grant Application. Grant awards will be determined based on the Eligibility Criteria and the availability of Foundation funds. All grant monies received must be used specifically to support children with significant special needs who would not be able to attend the school without the additional support.

School year 2024-2025 amount to be granted is $55,000. 

Grant Application|  MTSS Pyramid

Timeline for the 2024-2025 school year application:

January 15, 2024         Applications due
February 1, 2024        Grant appointments
March 15, 2024           Recipient notification

Mid-Year Report (’23-’24)

Year-End Report (’23-’24)